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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Baby on Board

Call me cheesy but I am so excited to start this blog! A couple of my friends started blogs when they got pregnant and I loved following their pregnancies and now that their babies are here I get to see pictures and read super sweet stories about them. I also have gotten some great ideas from these great moms and am starting to get a better picture of what to expect when baby Elrod gets here.

Now for those of you who don't know all the fun details about how we found out, how I told Brett, first doctors appointment, blah, blah, blah, here you go!

Since we had been trying I would test like crazy every month and June was no different. I tested about five times and they were all big fat negatives, which if any of you ladies out there have been trying you know it is super sad! Brett went out of town for a boys golf trip (wife of the year right here!) father's day weekend. I still hadn't gotten a visit from my friend but felt fine otherwise. I went to church and while I was sitting there I asked God to just give me a sign if I was pregnant or not. I had to stop at the grocery store on the way home and told myself if there is a pregnancy test for under $7 I would get it (if you only knew how much money i've spend on pregnancy tests!). Sure enough right there in the Spring Hill Kroger were two tests on sale for $6.99! Was this my sign? Yup! I took the test and right away it turned up positive. I was in such shock that I called my sister in-law Amy and asked her what the chances were of getting a false positive and she told me not very high and to take the other one. As soon as I took the other one (yes, I was still on the phone) it turned positive immediately! I was beyond excited! I knew Brett was going to be home in a couple of hours and so many of my friends told me they wished they told their hubbys in a fun way so I sat down and got creative. I wrapped up a onesie I had gotten months ago (it was a UT onesie on sale...how could I not!?) and started to write a little poem and here's what I ended up with,

Ole Miss is red.
Kentucky is blue.
We have been trying for a baby.
And our wish has come true.
I guess time will tell if we need to buy a truck or a doll.
But either way our child will be half Tiger, half Vol.
There will be plenty of diapers filled with pee and pooh.
I love you so much and I can't wait to start this journey with you!

When he came home he opened the poem and freaked out! It was so amazing getting to see him react like that and the fact that he found out he was going to be a father on father's day was priceless.

We had to wait three LONG weeks until we went to the doctor. We were both very nervous but as soon as our little sprout showed up on the screen it all went away. Since the little guy or girl was measuring a week and a half too small we needed to go back for another sonogram ten days later. Again, we were nervous but then an even bigger sprout popped up on the screen and we couldn't help but smile! Fast forward six weeks later (this past Monday) and we got to hear the most beautiful sound, our baby's strong (165 bpm) heartbeat! I tried not to cry but couldn't help it. Brett just smiled, he is such a proud papa already!

Not going to lie but from week six to about eleven I thought I was dying. I was so sick and couldn't eat (I even lost a pound!) it was miserable. I kept thinking this is going to be our only child but now that I am in the glorious second trimester and I'm starting to get my appetite back those five weeks really weren't that bad!

So now that school is starting back up on Monday and football season is right around the corner I am hoping time will go by a little faster. We have our next appointment in four weeks to listen to the heartbeat again and in five weeks we get to find out the sex (still not sure if we are going to). This is going to be one amazing Fall!


  1. What is your due date? Mine is Feb 1 and we are so excited!! Congrats again!

  2. Yay!!! So glad you are now on board with blogging!! Can't wait to keep up with baby Elrod, and hear all about it! Loved seeing you on Tuesday!

  3. Almost cried when I read the poem! Look at you being a writer mommy!