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Friday, August 27, 2010

House, Family, and Friends

Last night when I laid down to go to sleep (the highlight of my day!) I started thinking about all the things I wanted to do to our house before the baby comes. All of the sudden I was overcome with stress thinking about all the projects and all the money. Is this nesting? If so I am in for a long six months! There's new bedroom carpet to be laid, granite countertops for the kitchen, a guest bathroom to re-do, rooms to be painted, crown molding to be put up in the nursery, new furniture to be bought, oh and of course my pottery barn inspired nursery! I tossed and turned all night thinking of how we are going to finish all of this by February. Now I know I can live without granite countertops and the baby isn't going to notice if there is wainscotting in the guest bathroom but for those of you who know me well you know I am far from patient. So when I woke up this morning and noticed the money fairy didn't leave me a fat check under my pillow (jerk!) I went upstairs in tears. Brett was getting ready for work as he listened to me cry and complain. As he ironed his shirt he assured me everything will get done just not at once. So here is our tentative house update schedule (I don't know why these pictures are so small):

September- New bedroom carpet and new bedding

View in RoomWhat I am leaning towards.

Granite Countertops Giallo Ornamental / Island Top with Eased Edge 96"
October- My beloved granite counter tops. Happy birthday to me!
I think this color would look great in our kitchen    

November- Guest bathroom re-do. Ceramic tile and wainscotting I will see you soon!

December- Hopefully Santa will bring me a new kitchen table and living room!

And in between all of this there is the most important part, Baby E's nursery!
If our little sprout is a boy this is exactly what we want. If it is a girl same furniture but different bedding. Isn't this crib beautiful?!
View In Room

As I type my list of wants I feel a cold, wet nose on my leg. Our 1.5 year old yellow lab is looking at me with his huge brown eyes and got me thinking about the one thing Baby E is already going to have at no cost, lots of love. Not only is he or she going to have two parents that adore him/her and two dogs who are great sources of entertainment for little kids but he/she is going to have a huge extended family.

Let's start with the Elrod side. Baby E will have a Nana and Poppa who love him/her very much, three Aunts (Amy, Haley, and Brooke) and three Uncles (Hunter, Stephen, and Shawn). He/she will be joining ten first cousins (Josh, James, Leah, Jonathan, Philip, Elijah, Benjamin, Anna Claire, Ava, and coming very soon Luke).  

Now on to the Turza side. Baby E has a Gramps and a B-ma, four Uncles (GT, Michael, Brian, and Stephen) and two Aunts (Amy and Kate). Baby E will be joining six year old Grace and two boy cousins that are on their way (Bean [September] and Mike Jr. [December]). There are also a TON of Turza extended family that will love Baby E very much!

So that covers family now moving on to Baby E's buddies. Brett and I are lucky enough to have a handful of friends who already have bundles of joy or are expecting. Here are three of Baby E's future friends (and maybe spouse) that are already here! WARNING: these are super cute babies! 
Grace Olivia Balnis. Proud parents of this gorgeous girl are Diana and Ryan Balnis.  Grace is going to be Baby E's summer best friend or first girlfriend!

Eli Matthew Bills. Proud parents of this handsome boy are Jane and Matthew Bills.  He is going to be a great partner in crime or first boyfriend!

Audrey Sue Gower. Proud parents of this precious baby girl are Jessie and Evan Gower. She is going to be Baby E's travel buddy (since both Moms are going to need to take our kids to the beach often!) and best friend forever (girl or boy!) and if Baby E is a boy two words-arranged marriage!

As I wrap this post up I can't help but smile because I know my child is going to be loved and have plenty of playmates and that is a million times more important than granite countertops!! All that matters is that Baby E is healthy and happy! So I am going to stop stressing (well, try to!) and let things happen. Everything will work out and in the end. Even if I don't have my new guest bathroom by the time Baby E arrives it will be fine because I am going to have the greatest job of all, being a mommy


  1. Don't forget about all of Shy Ronnie's "aunts" in Nashville that will love him so much!

  2. Loving reading your blog Missy! You've already done tons!