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Thursday, October 21, 2010

New York

I went to New York for my fall break this past weekend and had a great time. I was only there from Saturday - Tuesday but I feel like I squeezed a lot in! My parents picked me up from the airport and we went straight to Brian and Kate's so I could FINALLY meet Brady! Let me just tell you, pictures do not do this boy justice! He is ADORABLE and I love him so much! GT, Amy and Grace came over too and we all had a blast catching up and eating yummy food. I kept thinking about how fun it is going to be with all the kids running around together in a few years, I can't wait!! I really enjoyed spending the day with my family.
Brian is already training Brady to be a baseball player.
I love my niece and nephew!!
Me and my little meatball!!! (Wow, I need a tan!)

After spending the day with my family I went to one of my favorite restaurants in East Hampton, Turtle Crossing, with my friend Beth and her husband Craig. We had a great time catching up and they gave Ellie some super cute swag! She got her first pair of loafers! It was so great to see old friends and eat good food! 
I woke up bright and early on Sunday to pick up my brother Stephen and cousin Danielle (Yellie) and headed to the Giants game. My brother got the tickets for my birthday (he also got Ellie an Eli Manning Jersey) and we had a great time even though it was so hot! I had to buy a t-shirt (I had on a heavy long sleeve shirt) and the only one they had in my size was a guy named Bavaro. It didn't sound familiar but I figured I would become a fan of his since I had his shirt on. Let's just say I felt pretty dumb when we realized he was retired! Before the game we got to spend some time with our New Jersey cousins at their tailgate which was nice. We NEVER see them and they are so fun and sweet! Yellie and I had some good laughs and caught up with each other which was lovely. We also got yelled at by a cranky Giants fan because we went out his side of the row to use the bathroom (how dare we!). I came to the conclusion that New Yorkers are just cranky people. The picture is the view from our awesome seats, thanks Stephen! When we finally made it back to Long Island I ate dinner at Lisa and Don's house which was very yummy (I love chicken cutlets!). It was also great to catch up with them and my cousin Dana. She is a freshman in high school but is taller than I am! She is an incredible soccer player and I hope she remembers her favorite cousin when she makes the olympic team!
The new stadium is super nice. The fans, not so much!

On Monday I hung out at my Dad's office for a bit then met Kate and Brady for lunch. We had a great time chatting away and Brady looked precious in the puppy dog hat we gave him. He was so good and let his momma enjoy her lunch. I love that little guy! Kate and I had a great time and I can't wait to hang out with her when I go back in December. After lunch I met Amy at Grace's school to pick her up then we went into town to get ice cream. We had a blast and I miss them already!! I went to dinner with my parents that night and ran into some friends which was nice. I went to visit my friend Diana and her baby girl but baby girl was sound asleep and Diana wouldn't let me wake her! I did get to catch up with Diana and her hubby Ryan though. Then I went to see my friend Sara who was sweet  enough to think of Ellie and got her a great book, beautiful blanket, and adorable bath towels. Again, it was great catching up with another old friend!

I love New York but it is nice to be home! I came home to new bedroom carpet which I love and two very happy dogs (and of course a very happy husband!). School started up again on Wednesday and we went to the doctor for a check up today. Ellie's heart sounded great and came in at 155 bpm. The doctor said my weight gain was perfect (8 Ibs so far even though it feels like A LOT more!) and she also told me she really wanted me to get the flu shot so I bit the bullet and went for it. It really wasn't bad but now my arm is pretty sore. I am happy I got it, better to be safe than sorry! We go back to the doctor tomorrow for another sonogram. Ellie was moving around so much last time that they didn't get all the pictures of her heart that they needed. My doctor reassured me that nothing was wrong and they just needed some more pictures. We are very excited to see our little lady tomorrow!!!

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