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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Twenty Six

Tomorrow I officially enter the later part of my twenties, wow! While I was in the car (where I do most of my "deep" thinking) I started thinking about my life so far and all the people, places, memories and things that I love. I thought I would share twenty six of these totally random things in honor of my twenty six years on this Earth (WARNING: This is LONG and very random!).
  1. ELLIE- Obviously the little lady growing in my belly is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. I love her so much and can't wait to meet her. It's been an adventure just being pregnant with her and I look forward to all life has in store for me when she gets here
  2. BRETT- I love him. Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for bringing him into my life. Not only is he my best friend but he is an amazing husband. He loves me, supports me, makes me laugh, and I feel the most comfortable around him. What a catch!
  3. MY PARENTS- If it weren't for them I wouldn't be here. I am lucky enough to have parents that support any decision I make. They let me make my own mistakes and learn from them which has lead me to being the happy girl I am today!
  4. MY BROTHERS- Growing up with four older brothers sucked when I was younger but now that I am older I appreciate every taunt, hit,  and "test this bike jump for us". If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be who I am today. It amazes me to look at how much they have grown from being mean boys. Two are fathers and husbands and they are all hard working and fun. My oldest brother won firemen of the year which makes this little sister very proud!
  5. LISA- I don't even know where to start with my cousin Lisa. Without her, my brothers and I would be lost! She runs the show at my dads company and does everything for us. She is like a mom, sister, best friend, personal assistant, and cousin wrapped into one! She also brought the greatest bridesmaid ever, Danielle (Yellie), into the world! Yellie is fun and sweet just like her mom and I love her to pieces! There aren't enough words to explain how grateful I am to have Lisa in my life so I will just stop right here!
  6. AMY AND KATE- I couldn't have picked better sister-in laws! Amy started dating GT when I was 11 so she has always been the sister I never had. We talk weekly and she has always been there for me. Kate married Brian a year and a half ago and I am so happy she did. We have become a lot closer over the last year and I love how happy she makes my brother. We also talk often and she too is more like a sister than a sister in-law. If I could clone these two for my other brothers, I would!
  7. GRACE AND BRADY- Grace is my six year old niece (GT and Amy's daughter) and I love her to pieces! She is so cute and funny. It has been amazing watching her grow up and I know she will be a great cousin to Ellie. Brady (Brian and Kate's son) is almost four weeks old and already I adore him! I haven't met him yet but I finally get to on Saturday! His parents have done a great job sending me pictures and texts and I can't wait to love on him in person!! I truly love being an Aunt!!
  8. SUNDAYS AT GRANDMA AND GRANDPA TURZA'S- This is one of two favorite memories from my childhood. Every Sunday we would pile in the car and drive to Miller Place and spend the day at my grandparents. There were TONS of people there and we would swim, ride horses, play roller hockey, and eat lots of yummy food! The Turza side is a bunch of crazy Italians and I love them all!
  9. BATHTUB RACES- This is my other favorite memory. Every summer we would pile in the car and head upstate to Moravia, NY with the Wyckoff side of the family. We would all camp for the weekend and sit around the bonfire. It was where I was introduced to jello shots (on accident) at a very young age! We would paint two porcelain bathtubs on wheels to match whatever our theme was that year, load them in the truck and bring them downtown to race against other teams. Two people would be in the tub with plungers to steer and one person would push. I can not tell you how much fun it was, I really miss it!
  10. MY EAST HAMPTON FRIENDS- I  am still super close with my friends I met in fifth grade. We might go months without seeing each other but as soon as we are together it's like we never were apart. We are all grown up now and live very different lives. Some are married, one is a mommy, one is in Chicago getting her doctorate (smarty pants!), one is a teacher in Virginia, and a few are back in East Hampton. I am so proud of all of them and love them with all my heart!
  11. MY IN-LAWS- When I married Brett I was lucky enough to inherit his family. They are very different then my family but I love them so much. Luckily they all live within twenty minutes of us so we see them often and they are always there to lend a hand. Brett and I look forward to the days that Ellie can run around with her cousins in Brett's parents large, beautiful backyard!
  12. CRISTAL AND MILES- I am the crazy dog lady! I got Cristal in college on a whim and couldn't imagine life without her. She is the sweetest dog and has been there for all my tears and cheers and she is a great listener! We added Miles to the family a year and a half ago and couldn't imagine life without him either! Yes he has chewed up our carpet, furniture and even wall but we still love him! He is a big boy (some compare him to a polar bear) but he is a sweet dog that loves us and Cristal and loves to "protect" us. Brett and I have gotten so many laughs with our dogs. They are the best!
  13. WAINSCOTT- I love Wainscott. I went to Wainscott school which was a one room school house, from first to fourth grade and it was just me and one boy in our grade. With a total of twelve kids in the school there were lots of memories made and I wish my kids could get the same experience. They had to build a bigger school to accommodate the booming Wainscott population and last I heard they were making the old school a museum (if that doesn't make you feel old, what will!?).
  14. MY SOUTHERN FRIENDS- I have been lucky enough to make some great friends in Nashville. It can be hard to make friends outside of the college setting but fortunately Brett is still close with his middle school friends and they all partnered up with some awesome ladies who introduced me to some more awesome ladies! Some of them are mommies or mommies-to- be and I am so lucky to have them during this journey of parenthood!
  15. MELISSA BRIGGS, SHAUNA LOVE, AND OTHER FAKE ID NAMES- Yes, I had a fake ID. Actually, I have had several. Since I was the youngest out of my friends I even had to use fake Id's to get into 18+ places! Some of the best memories were made in places we were too young to be at! If my daughter asks though, I never had a fake ID!!!!
  16. EUROPE- I LOVE Europe. My friend and I backpacked there when we were nineteen and it was amazing. We went to Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Holland, The Czech Republic, Ireland, England, Scotland, and Spain. We saw so much and met so many different people. It really was the trip of a lifetime and hopefully in the next few years I will be able to show Brett some of my favorite places. I also hope Ellie likes to travel because I want my kids to get to see Europe and experience new places with them.
  17. FOOTBALL- I always liked sports but after living in Tennessee I have become a huge college football fan. I love everything about it. The NFL is OK but to me it is too commercial. College football is the real deal! GO VOLS!
  18. SCHOOL- The first two times I attempted college were a bust but now that I am finally ready (better late than never) I really enjoy it and appreciate it. After working in the "real world" I realized I wasn't going to get anywhere without my degree which made my decision to go back pretty easy! It is going to take a little long to finish with a baby on the way but I am going to finish!
  19. THE BEACH- I love the beach and I miss it so much! I never realized how lucky I was to live by the beach until I moved far, far away from it! I can seriously sit on the beach all day everyday. I look forward to many beach trips with my perfect little family. Ellie is going to be a beach bum! 
  20. CHRISTMAS- It really is the most wonderful time of the year! I love everything about Christmas. My family has a tradition of going to see my Dad's family on Christmas Eve, spending Christmas day with our immediate family, and having my Mom's family over the day after. I get to see most of my family and we always have a great time! One of my favorite things to do is give gifts so I am one happy elf during the holidays!
  21. GOING OUT TO EAT- Another one of my favorite things to do is going out to eat. I really enjoy trying new places which is odd because I am such a picky eater. 
  22. STORMS- There is nothing better than a stormy Saturday morning when you have nothing to do. I hate storms when I am driving but if I am home, I love laying in bed with Brett and the dogs and listening to the rain. It is so relaxing to me! The dogs will jump in the bed because they are scared of storms and that is the only time Brett lets them up there!
  23. WINE- It took me a while to like wine but now it is my drink of choice. Obviously I haven't had wine in a few months and won't be having any until after Ellie arrives but I look forward to enjoying a glass of wine on the deck with Brett! We went to San Francisco and Napa Valley for our one year anniversary and I loved going to all the vineyards. I'd love to go back!
  24. PEOPLE WATCHING- Who doesn't love sitting in an airport and watching all the people. I always wonder where they are going and why. It might sound weird but people fascinate me! It's a It's amazing to me how diverse our world is.
  25. AMERICA- I love America! I know I mentioned Europe before but there really is no place like home! I am grateful for all the men and women who protect our country at home and oversees and appreciate there dedication to this country. Nothing bothers me more then when an America talks about how much  they hate it here. No matter what your political views are every citizen should count their lucky stars that we live in a country where we are free to dress how we want, worship who we want, be what we want to be, and live where we want to! American rocks!
  26. BEING HAPPY- I am happy. I have a great husband, family, friends, and a lovely daughter on the way. I just love that feeling when nothing can drag you down. I have had to deal with some serious problems and some flat out nut cases but at the end of the day I am happy with me and my life and that is all that matters!
If you made it this far you are a loyal follower! I encourage you to take a minute and think about all the things that make you happy. I promise if you do you'll be smiling all day!!

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