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Monday, November 1, 2010


I hope you all had a happy Halloween!! We had a TON of trick or treaters and ran out of candy, I felt terrible!! We had some adorable kids come but nobody as cute as these little ones (I bet my friends and family are really going to enjoy when I stop having to steal pictures of their kids for my blog. I can't help it, they make beautiful babies!!!):

Grace as the most precious flower I have ever seen!

Audrey is such a sweet pea!!!

Eli is so darn cute as a giraffe!!!

Aunt Missy's precious little pumpkin!!!!

Brett and his mom spent the afternoon painting Ellie's nursery and they did a fabulous job!! The room is definitely pink but I think with her furniture and green and blue accents the pink will be toned down. We should be getting her furniture in the next week or so and her bedding next week. I am so excited to start decorating!!!
Room before paint (so boring!)

Room after paint (hello pink!!!)

Ellie has been moving around a lot and I love it! Brett can finally feel her, like really feel her, and I LOVE how excited he gets!! Well I really need to get back to writing my paper on Gwendolyn Brooks (exciting, I know) so I can make it to yoga tonight. I am in major need of a workout especially after the weekend of unhealthy eating I had!

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  1. Love the pink!!! It's a good rosy pink :) Those are some cute babies!! All of em!