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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I have been stuck in the house for the last two days because of all the snow we got Sunday night. I think we got about four whooping inches! I realistically could leave the house but I need new tires on my car and am not going to take the chance of getting in a wreck. Brett is taking my car in on Thursday for some new sneakers so then I won't be such a nervous nancy when it comes to driving! Here are some snow pictures from our backyard. 

What is this stuff?

Thanks for the super cute and super warm rain/snow boots dad!!

Brett and I had a very nice weekend. We ordered pizza Friday night and watched LSU beat Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl (thank goodness!). On Saturday we got up and headed out to Bass Pro ( I am such a good wife, huh?). After a thrilling trip out there we headed to the Loveless Cafe to meet our friends Will and Heather for lunch. Heather is expecting a little girl in April, Madison Ann. Madison and Ellie are going to be such great friends! Will and Heather are a lot like Brett and I and we love hanging out with them and look forward to going through this new life stage with them!

After a great lunch we went to Brett's parents house to watch the Saints game and eat some more. Sadly the Saints lost but we had fun hanging out with the family and eating some yummy shrimp Mrs. Elrod brought home after visiting Mr. Elrod in Louisiana. We pretty much take our new camera with us everywhere we go so we can get lots of practice in before the arrival on Ellie. Here are some pictures we took.

Anna Claire (6) and Ava (2).

Ava and Miles. Ava loves dogs!

Me and baby Luke. He is 4 months and such a cutie!

Brett was still in good spirits even after the Saints lost. 
We have our second birthing class on Thursday night. Hopefully there are no more videos! We will be learning about relaxation techniques so I am looking forward to it. Ellie is the size of a pineapple this week! Our next doctors appointment is on Tuesday and I think we go every week after that which is exciting. I love going to the doctor and hearing Ellie's heartbeat! The doctor said they will not stop labor after 35 weeks...only two weeks away!! Hopefully she will stay in and bake for at least 37 weeks. I want her to be as healthy as possible although we are so anxious to meet her!!!!!!

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