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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

36 Weeks!!

As of yesterday I am 36 weeks pregnant and I can't believe it!! At times it feels like this pregnancy is going by so slow but other times it feels like just yesterday the test turned positive!! I have mixed feelings about this pregnancy coming to an end. I am SOOOO excited to meet Ellie. I can't wait to see what she looks like, how big she is and what her personality is. I am nervous about bringing her home and actually being a mom. I have to say I am so lucky to have Brett because he is amazing with kids and isn't nervous about anything. He is so supportive and I know that will be huge those first few weeks of being a mommy and daddy. I am going to miss this little lady doing gymnastics inside me and it makes me sad to think that any day now this special bond I have with her will be over and I will have to share her with the world. Of course I am excited to share her with the world (I told you I have mixed feelings!). Thank you pregnancy hormones for the craziness! Here are a couple of pictures I took of my growing belly yesterday. Please excuse the awkward poses and cheesy faces (and messy bathroom) but it is hard taking a picture of yourself!

We go to the doctor tomorrow and really hope they have some good news (like Ellie is on the way!) because I am VERY uncomfortable!! I can't sleep no matter what I do. I have tried every position, every pillow, no pillows, some pillows, warm shower and calming lotion before bed, staying up super late, EVERYTHING!! And NOTHING works!! I will fall asleep but then my little melon decides to stomp on my bladder and I have to get up and pee and have to start the get comfortable process all over again! The only time I get consistent sleep is from 7:30 am- 9:30 am after Brett leaves for work. I feel bad because my tossing and turning sometimes wakes him but luckily he understands! I also find it hard to do simple things like putting on socks, walking up the stairs and getting off the couch. My body feels like it is five hundred pounds! 
Headed home after her spa day.
I took Cristal to the vet last week to get her caught up on her vaccinations and learned that she needs ear surgery. We have to take her in every few months and get her ears cleaned out and medicine because she has chronic ear infections and the vet said that her ear canal will eventually cave in causing infection and neurological problems. It broke my heart!! We go back next week and I am going to get more details about the surgery. He said it would be outpatient but she would be put under which really scares me. This is going to sound cheesy to some but Cristal is my best friend. I got her in college and she has been with me through everything. She is more than a dog, she is family and I will do whatever it takes to keep her healthy! She is on a stronger medication that seems to be working and I took her to the "spa" on Friday so she got a nice bath, haircut and her nails done so I think she is happy.
Hanging out with daddy.

Happy dog!
Our weekend was really nice. We went to dinner and to see The Fighter on Friday night. I recommend it, it was great! On Saturday Brett got up and took my car to get washed and vacuumed and brought me home breakfast (he is so sweet!). We went to the mall to get the rest of my hospital things. I got a couple of nursing gowns and robes, some undies, nursing bras, and new glasses. Brett also ordered me some new slippers from LL Bean that I am super excited to get. Hopefully they will get here before Ellie comes! 
main, view 1 of 4 (selected) Spaghetti Strap V-neck Striped Nursing Nightgown And RobeLong Sleeve Scoop Neck Ruffled Nursing Nightgown And Robe

We spent Sunday hanging the canvases on Ellie's wall and patching up the dozens of holes we made in the wall to make it right. We love the letters so much that we order a painting from the same lady. It will match the canvases and have one of my favorite quotes from Winnie the Pooh:

"Promise me you'll always remember you're braver than you believe,
 and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."

Hopefully we will get it later this week or early next along with the side table we ordered. All we need is a lamp and a baby and we are all set! = )

OK time to do some chores. Hopefully tomorrow I will have some happy news to share about Ellie's arrival!!!! 

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