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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Aunt Missy's Meatball!!!

My first Turza nephew has arrived, Brady Everett! My brother,Brian and his wife, Kate welcomed this little bundle of joy into the world on Tuesday, September 14th. He was a whopping 8 pounds 14 ounces! I am so in love with this little guy and I haven't even met him yet!! It is killing me to be so far away but I hope to go to NY in October. I have already warned my sister in-law I will be at their house all day, every day, loving on my little meatball! Here are some of the pictures that my Dad sent me (WARNING: Will induce baby fever because he is sooooooo freakin' cute!):

Beautiful new Momma!

Raise the roof, Brady in the house!

Look at those sweet, sweet cheeks!

The Turza Family!

Porud Papa! ( I LOVE this picture! He looks soooooo happy and that makes little sister/#1 Aunt happy!!!)
Gramps and his #1/only Grandson!!

I am so proud of my brother and the precious family he built for himself. They are going to be awesome parents and that little squirt is already so loved! Good work Brian and Kate!

Now for some more good news, baby Luke gets to go home today! He was doing very well last I heard and if all goes to plan Brett and I will be meeting the little angel this weekend. I can't wait to love on him and I know Brett is dying to see his nephew. Brett has been dreaming of the days that Hunter and him can take their sons fishing, hunting, and to football games and we are only two weeks away from knowing if Brett's sweet dreams will become a reality soon!

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  1. This means you're going to find out the sex!! Yes!!! None of your pictures are showing up for some reason and I want to see that lil' 8.14 boy! LOVE the name Everett...we were thinking that for Eli's middle name! Hope you are feeling great!