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Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, it looks like the little sprout that has been growing in my belly is a sweet, precious, baby GIRL! As we were sitting in the room getting the ultrasound we just couldn't believe how big our baby had gotten since last time! About fifteen minutes into the ultrasound, Brett looked up at the screen and said, "it's a girl isn't it?" and immediately the tech said "yup, it sure is!"of course I just started crying! I was so surprised, I would have bet money that it was a boy. The rest of the scan went very well. She has ten fingers and ten toes and was bouncing all over the place! At one point she was standing on her head with her butt in the air! It was so amazing to me to see her heartbeat and squirmy little arms and legs!Ahh, it was sooooo cool!!! We have decided to name our little lady Ellie Rose. After Brett got off work we headed to the mall and bought some cute stuff for baby Ellie. I am pretty sure after that trip that I will be the one doing the shopping for baby girl since Brett and I have completely different tastes plus he rather shop for camo and guns then dresses and shoes! I will post the pictures of the ultrasound soon.

We wanted to tell our parents in a special way so we went to dinner with Brett's mom and let her know the news. Since my parents were in Myrtle Beach I arranged for a cupcake bakery to make cupcakes that read "It's a girl" and deliver them to my parents. They came out great!

Anyway, sorry for the quick post but we are headed to Baton Rouge for the UT v. LSU game on Saturday and New Orleans on Sunday and Monday so I need to get packing! I promise pictures next post!!

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  1. Cupcakes look so cute!!

    CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S A GIRL!!!! yayayayayayay! Can't wait to meet you Ellie!

    Have a fun and safe trip this weekend!