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Friday, September 24, 2010

Movement, Gownies, and Dolly

A few nights ago I was laying in bed when all of the sudden I felt what felt like someone running their finger gently across the inside of my stomach. I jumped up and told Brett I thought I had just felt the baby move and he was very excited. As I laid back down I started to question whether or not that really was our little sprout or just a gas bubble and went to bed thinking it was the later. Two days later (Tuesday) I was standing in line at the grocery store and I felt three itty bitty taps on the inside of my belly by my belly button and I knew that wasn't gas, it was Baby E! I started laughing because Baby E definitely has Brett's patience. I just pictured this little baby kicking me because it was ready to go. I called Brett (and texted a few people in excitement) when I got in the car and told him it was no doubt the real deal this time, so cool!! Then yesterday we went to the doctor to hear the heartbeat again and while I was in the restroom I felt a tiny tap again!! Baby E seems to be living it up in there (my guess is either training to be the next Peyton Manning or preparing to be the first female president)!! We listened for the heartbeat and the doctor found it right away. It came in strong at 150 bpm. I could listen to that sound over and over and over and over. It never gets old! We have our big sonogram appointment on Wednesday afternoon so we are super excited! We are just praying for a healthy baby with ten fingers and ten toes!

My new gownie from the Gowers

Our fabulous friends Evan and Jessie came over on Sunday and brought their beautiful baby girl, Audrey. Brett and I were really interested to see how our dogs would act around a tiny baby and they seemed to be very interested in Audrey. Our golden retriever, Cristal, jumped right up and gave Audrey a sweet kiss. Good thing Momma Jessie is an animal person and didn't mind. Cristal did not want to leave Audrey's side! Our yellow lab, Miles, just wanted to sniff around and see the thing that was getting more attention than him. Overall I think Brett and I feel much more comfortable about the dogs and Baby E living under the same roof. Evan and Jessie also came over bearing gifts. They gave us the most adorable LSU jersey onesie that Brett LOVES (and I love too, of course)! They also gave me a very comfortable maternity t-shirt that I LOVE and a gownie for the hospital when I go in to have Baby E. Jessie had one when she had Audrey and it was so cute so I was very excited when they gave me the same one! Not only is it much cuter than the horrible hospital gowns they give you but it covers up the backside, is super comfy, and has buttons that give easy access for feeding. I am going to order another one but I just can't decide on which, they are all so cute!!

Last night I went to see 9 to 5 with my friend Lindsay, her very funny mom, and their sweet friend. We started the night at the Melting Pot (they have the best happy hour!! $5 cheese and chocolate per person and $4 salad!) which was delicious. We headed over to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) for the show which was absolutely amazing!! The songs were great, the actors were great, the set was great, everything was great!! Diana DeGarmo from American Idol played Dolly's character from the movie, Doralee Rhodes, and she was dead on! The best part of the whole night though was at the very end when Dolly Parton herself came out! She sang a little bit of "9 to 5" and thanked everyone for supporting the show. I think Dolly is just fabulous so it was very cool to see her in person! If 9 to 5 come to a city near you, you MUST go!

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