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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


As I mentioned a few posts ago, I started prenatal yoga last week and I LOVE it!!! I consider myself an active person. In the last couple of years I have done aerobics, zumba, played on a kickball team and a flag football team, but I have never even attempted yoga! I may be able to run a mile under seven minutes but I couldn't touch my toes if you paid me too!! After looking online at every yoga studio in Nashville and the surrounding area I settled on Half Moon Yoga in Cool Springs. I was nervous my first time because I was gong by myself and I was terrified of making a fool out of myself because I am so not flexible! As soon as I walked in I felt calm. There were five other women there in all different stages of their pregnancies and the instructor was super nice.  After an hour of positions my body has never even thought of being in, it was relaxation time!! It was so nice because you really just lay there and think about the life growing inside you. As crazy as it sounds I really feel like I "connected" with my little sprout, it was awesome! I went for the second time last night and I am officially hooked! All the stress of everyday life gets left at the door when I am in the studio. I swear the instructor is like a little Buddha, she's great! So now it looks like every Monday from 5:30pm-6:30pm for the next five months I have a new role; peace loving-tree hugging-hippy!

Now that my appetite is definitely increasing, my self control when it comes to food is being tested! I know I have the tendency to gain weight easily (just take a look at pictures of me from high school) so it is important that I only gain the recommended 30 pounds. Since I am a smaller frame woman lots of people say to me "oh, you are going to be so cute since you are so little" I would like to think that but I have seen pregnant girls smaller than me really let themselves go and they do not look so good! Now I normally wouldn't care what I look like but thanks to all my raging hormones I am extra self conscious! I can embrace "the bump" but I do not want my cheeks to look like I am a chipmunk storing acorns for the winter!! So far I think I am doing well. I guess I will find out when we go to the doctor on Wednesday if I am gaining the weight properly. Now if you see me stuffing my face with doughnuts and big macs, remind me of this post!! 

So as you can see I am on my way (well, trying to be on my way) to a healthy, peaceful pregnancy! Whenever I get stressed out or upset I just feel my belly and it reminds me that I am growing a life in there and automatically I am at peace and smiling!

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